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About Kachet

Your goal, our process.

Kachet is a unique company in the financial services space, acting as the thread that connects your current financial state to your future financial state where you achieve your goals. We guide and support you in the development of a plan that really works, putting you in touch with the right professionals and services along the way.

Our Purpose?

To help people buy a home, using our systematic process. And it doesn’t end there because our service extends beyond that initial purchase to assist clients in their financial needs down the road, including credit management, car loans, and mortgage renewals and refinances.

We identified a gap in the homebuying market: often times potential homebuyers lack the know-how to achieve their home ownership objectives. It might be damaged credit, a credit-building issue, difficulty accumulating enough savings for a down payment, or even just a general sense of loss as to which is the right process to follow. Kachet acts as an impartial third-party expert that identifies your roadblocks and develops a customized program that puts you on a path to achieve your goal.

The Kachet Team

We are a group of professionals, diverse in our experience and expertise which encompasses finance, business automation and marketing. We are united in our vision to help people navigate their financial lives. Each of us has gone through our own set of challenges, and we’ve learned many lessons along the way. Now, we come together to offer a system that helps potential homeowners become successful homeowners.

What We Stand For?

K          Kindness. Which we always show.

A          Able. For you surely are.

C          Complete. Is the process we provide.

H          Honour. Is the way we treat you as our valued client.

E          Experts. Are what we are in the field.

T          Treasure. Is what you’ll do when you turn the key of your dream home.

At Kachet, we value our people, our process and the technology we use to make it all come together. Focusing on simplicity and quality, we’re able to help our clients in ways that are efficient, effective and suitable to their specific situations – no matter what those may be.

The 6-Step Kachet System

  1. You want to buy a home but you’re not sure where to start.
  2. You get in touch with Kachet.
  3. We assess and evaluate your current situation including budget, income, credit score and debt-to-service ratios.
  4. A custom program is developed to address your particular areas of weakness and strengthen your purchase position.
  5. Kachet puts you in contact with the right professionals, at the right time.
  6. You follow the program and monitor your progress.
  7. The time comes when you are ready and qualified to buy a home.
  8. You achieve your goal and make your purchase!

See what we can do for you.

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Disclaimer: Kachet guide and support you in the development of a plan, putting you in touch with the right mortgage brokers, professionals, and service providers. All mortgages and loans are subject to credit and underwriting approval. Kachet is a loan search platform and advisor website, not a lender nor a mortgage broker.

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