The Smart Way To Buy A Home

Home ownership is just around the corner.


Over 25 million Canadians own a home. And you can too.

It’s your time to own a home.


Who says homeownership has to be overwhelming and difficult?

When you have the right team to advise you and a proven system to guide you, the path is clear and straightforward.

Filling the gap

Years ago, we discovered a gap between people’s financial knowledge, and their goals of owning a home. That’s when Kachet was born.

We are a team of experts from various walks of life that has combined forces to bring you the advice, guidance and systematic approach to home ownership that you’ve been lacking.

The end result? You gain access to a customized solution that puts keys into your hand.

Whether it’s a home loan/auto loan/personal loan or rent to home, we are here to help.

Conventional isn’t the only way.

Think you need a real estate agent first?

Think you should speak to a mortgage broker near me before anyone else?

Think you need a mortgage from a bank in order to buy a home?

Not necessarily.

Kachet is an independent third-party company that always has your best interests at hand. We’re not trying to sell you a mortgage or a home, and rather we’re here to ensure that you’re walking the right path to achieve your homeownership goals.

We help you understand, we educate you on the best possible process for your situation, and we facilitate everything that falls between you and your property purchase transaction.

Every goal has a first step

Kachet has developed a one-of-a-kind, intelligent and intuitive system that helps you build or rebuild your credit, improve your credit score, save capital, learn the right financial approach and arrive at the financial position you need to be in to buy a home.

It’s simple.

It’s systematic.

It’s effective.

  1. Decide you want to be a homeowner.
  2. Kachet analyzes your current situation.
  3. A custom program is developed to strengthen your homebuying position.
  4. You follow the program and monitor your progress.
  5. The time comes when you are ready and qualified, allowing Kachet to put you in contact with the right professionals, at the right time.

That’s the sound of your key in the door of your new home.

Whatever your struggle, we can help

There are a number of common issues people face which prevent them from owning a home:

  • Poor credit
  • Lack of credit
  • Low or undeclared income
  • No down payment
  • No adequate knowledge of the right process

None of these issues need to prevent you from owning a home. Kachet has years of experience providing solutions for each of these financial concerns, and we’ll do the same for you.

Set your troubles aside and get on a system proven to make your dreams of owning a home a reality.

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Getting started is easy.

Let’s go!

Disclaimer: Kachet guide and support you in the development of a plan, putting you in touch with the right mortgage brokers, professionals, and service providers. All mortgages and loans are subject to credit and underwriting approval. Kachet is a loan search platform and advisor website, not a lender nor a mortgage broker.

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