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A personal loan can put you one step closer to homeownership

You’ve decided you want to be a homeowner – and you deserve the opportunity! Kachet’s unique approach to financial management helps you build credit, putting you in a qualified position to acquire a mortgage and own a home.

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The Smart Way to Buy a Home - personal loan

How a personal loan builds credit

A personal loan is one that you obtain as an individual. It doesn’t require additional security or collateral and it tends to be one of the easier loan types to qualify for, with minimal documentation needed. A personal loan can be for debt consolidation, a small business startup, home improvements, car maintenance, unforeseen medical bills and even weddings.


Personal loans are installment loans, which means you pay a set monthly amount to the lender until the entire loan is paid back. Installment loans work wonders for your credit because they broaden your history, and as long as you’re making the right payments promptly, they boost your credit score over time.

The right personal loan

How do you obtain a personal loan that matches your financial profile, as well as your current and future needs? The answer isn’t always simple. That’s why Kachet was developed: to help people just like you determine the best possible loan with the best possible institution. We conduct a thorough assessment of your financial situation and then design a custom plan to get you from where you are today, to where you want to be in the future.


Ready to explore the benefits of a personal loan?

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The Kachet system – it’s easier than you think

Improving your credit, building your financial wealth and buying a property aren’t difficult tasks – when you have the right system. Kachet has designed a step-by-step, methodical and systematic plan designed to help our clients achieve their homeownership goals. Often times, a personal loan helps them get there faster.

Disclaimer: Kachet guide and support you in the development of a plan, putting you in touch with the right mortgage brokers, professionals, and service providers. All mortgages and loans are subject to credit and underwriting approval. Kachet is a loan search platform and advisor website, not a lender nor a mortgage broker.

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