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Simple Ways You Can Prevent A Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a frightening thing to think about for many homeowners, which occurs three to six months after the first payment hasn’t been made. So long as you work with a bad credit mortgage broker, you can secure a private mortgage and retain your status as a homeowner.

What To Do If You Suspect A Foreclosure

Foreclosure often occurs when homeowners are not able to honor financial obligations from events like unemployment, illness, injury, unexpected home expenses, accruing too much debt, and the death of a loved one that had been earning income. While you may be subject to foreclosure, it’s important to take action as soon as possible.

There are two ways in which you can stop foreclosure from occurring should you feel it might happen soon. One way is to contact your lender, while the other is to take out a mortgage loan.

Communicating With The Lender

If foreclosure draws near, it’s important to let your lender know that you are trying to make things right by still showing interest that you want to honor your financial commitments. The lender likely also is not thrilled about going down the route of foreclosure, since it’s a long process that requires attorneys and other expenses. Most lenders are willing to forgive a couple of missed payments and suggest alternative loan plans rather than resort to foreclosure.

If you are anticipating that you won’t be able to make payments and do not see yourself doing so anytime soon, it’s important to let your lender know. Explain why you can’t make payments and request to be given more time or change the loan terms to something that’s more favorable to you.

Go With A Mortgage Loan

If you are already behind on payments, then it could be too late to adjust your payment plan. Fortunately, you have another option before a foreclosure might happen in the form of a mortgage loan. To secure this loan, you will need to find a private lender that specializes in foreclosures. This gives you a simple way to keep your home and continue to make payments towards a mortgage.

For an easy way to find a private lender, you will need to contact a mortgage broker. They will be able to find you the best deal for your situation so you are somehow able to make payments on your home again.

What happens when securing a loan is that a private lender will be able to pay your lender, with the compensation being that you will now need to pay the private lender rather than the original lender. Though as this lender is likely to understand your situation, you’d likely allowed some breathing room and an adjusted plan to be able to pay your new lender back.


When facing foreclosure, you might not be able to do anything about making payments, but there are a couple of options to consider. If reasoning with your lender doesn’t work, you should consider talking to a broker to help you find a private lender that can issue you a mortgage loan. This helps you pay your original lender off in addition to giving you a more tolerable means to make payments on your home.

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